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Boost Spotify Plays 100% Better Using These Strategies

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The internet has completely changed the way we listen to music. 

Today, the top 10 major streaming platforms have hundreds of millions of users with Spotify topping the list. 

In fact, there are over 191 million active users on Spotify today.

And the average user listens to 41 UNIQUE ARTISTS EVERY WEEK. 

Hmm, just let that sink in…

Which is all the more reason to boost Spotify plays!

As of 2021, there are more than 2 million artists on the platform. So, it can be quite challenging to stand out from the crowd and get your songs to the masses. We’re not saying it’s impossible – it just takes a bit of wit and plenty of work.

Joining Spotify for Artists

Photo Courtesy of Atikh Bana

First things first: you should get Spotify for Artists. This app helps you gain better insights into your target audience.

In fact, we’ve compiled a detailed, step-by-step guide on how you can get verified as a Spotify artist in less than 5 minutes!

With it, you can easily discover the demographics of your listeners: where are they from, how old are they, how did they find your music, and what other artists are they listening to? With such information, you can plan your marketing strategy to match your audience’s needs.

When you get access to Spotify for Artists, your profile will get a verified checkmark, which will then help you get selected through a series of algorithms to give you access to advanced features.

As a verified artist, your fans will also be certain that they’re interacting with the main artist of the music. This encourages them to spend more time engaging with you on the platform.

Working on Playlist Curation

Did you know that 1 out of 5 plays across streaming services happens inside of a playlist? People are choosing playlists based on their likes, mood or occasions, and you can use this to your advantage. 

In fact, you can spend some time curating the perfect playlist for your listeners using your artist account. It can include songs from your albums, as well as content from other artists that you enjoy.

The important thing is that you choose artists who will bring attention to the genre of your music. Great playlists take time, so don’t rush to include your track into any playlist just to gain popularity.

You’ve also got to think about your playlist’s appeal even before you start curating. Think about the idea behind the list, come up with a catchy title, and then start curating.

I Feel You Good Point GIF by Colleen Green - Find & Share on GIPHY

Event-oriented playlists are very popular these days, so we recommend that you try experimenting with something like this. 

Don’t forget to track the data through your Spotify for Artists app. When you go back to create the next playlist you’ll already have insights and a better idea of what listeners really want. 

Besides creating your own playlists, you can reach out to other playlist curators and pitch them your music. It might require a bit of research on the platform and dig for some contact info, but it’ll be worth your while.  

Some artists even recommend sending you content to these curators, as the ultimate way of getting their attention. 

Turning to Editorial Playlists to Boost Spotify Plays

Spotify has a team of people working on specifically curated playlists, to which you can submit your music. The only catch is that you can submit just one song from an upcoming release, and there’s no guarantee the editorial team will pick your track. However, Spotify shares some great tips when it comes to submitting:

  • Fill in as much info about the song as possible;
  • Submit early – at least 7 days before the release;
  • You need to be listed as the main artist on the release.

Spotify’s team also curates playlists from music already released, but only through Spotify music promotion outside of the platform. Here’s a detailed video on how Spotify music promotion works:

Indeed, the best way to get noticed is to get your fans to follow you, play your tracks through Spotify, and get your tracks on different playlists.

Using Spotify Ad Studio

Spotify Ad Studio is an advertising platform that allows you to create audio ads up to 30 seconds long. These ads pop up between songs and they contain clickable images that can link back to any URL you set up.

By using audience insights, you can target potential listeners while they’re in the mood for discovering new music. This means there’s a better chance that someone will click your track, inevitably boosting Spotify plays. Moreover, the Ad Studio contains great analytics and reports you can use for future campaigns.

Check out this comprehensive video on Ad Studio:

Promoting Outside Spotify

Promoting outside of Spotify is just as important as promoting within the platform. You’ve got to start with the basics such as embedding the Spotify playlist on your blog or website. Whenever you make a new playlist, make sure it’s updated there too. Furthermore, share that new list in a newsletter, and/or on your social media channels. 

Secondly, you can harness the power of hashtags on platforms such as Twitter to gain a larger exposure. 

Also, don’t forget to tag/mention artists who are featured in your playlists. You never know who can bump into it and share it with their own fans.

You can also spend a few bucks to buy real Spotify plays or push an ad through Facebook or Twitter. Just be mindful of the targeting options. Use the data from your Spotify for Artists app to get the best results.

Social media marketing can be extremely fruitful for artists. Better exposure and online presence can boost Spotify plays, your credibility, as well as help you establish better relationships with labels, press, promoters, and event organizers. Online presence also generates a lot of engagement.

You have to make sure that your audience can find you easily. This means establishing a good website, and profiles on all social media networks. Also, you can always ask for professional assistance to promote your Spotify account.

Indeed, our Spotify promotion services are being used by artists all over the world. Buy Spotify plays and boost your social media organically with one of the most trusted real promotion companies in the industry.

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